THE LOST SYMBOL Script Click on the link above. I have created the first couple of pages from the brilliant novel by Dan Brown. I don’t think this will be turned into a movie as they are already under-way with the filming the latest Robert Langdon novel – Inferno. Anyway, enjoy; and please but the […]


TRIGGER MORTIS Script   An adapted screenplay from the brilliant book TRIGGER MORTIS by Anthony Horowitz. Set immediately after events in GOLDFINGER – James Bond finds himself back in London and he has brought someone back from America with him. You know who she is… Only a few pages – Just some fan fiction so […]


WOMAN (CONT’D) There we go. If there’s anything else I can do for you… HARRY (a delicious smile) Actually I think there is. FADE TO: INT. BEDROOM – MORNING. The room is out of focus. We see abstract amoeba shapes – no sharp edges, but the faint sound of London slowly waking embraces us. Another […]


             CUT TO: INT. CLUB D.N.A. FRONT DOOR. MOMENTS LATER ALL of the door staff are assembled in the reception area. WES has bolted the front door and the Steel shutter for the aquarium has been lowered. Now, we wait for food – through the glass door, we see JESS […]


J ames Bond stood naked on the balcony of the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile gazing over the Paris skyline as a cooling summer breeze tried in vain to mask the smell and memory of passionate sex. He had been to Paris many times before but each time he came, silk threads of nostalgia fell over […]